Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Update on Noah Costa

From Noahs mom: Thank you Lord...we are home! Noah is doing good, his eyesight back 100% without any damage to nerves, etc. Still need to control his blood pressure so he is still on BP medicine...hopefully, prayerfully that changes sooner rather than later! Thank you all for covering him in prayer! XO

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  1. Prayers For Baby Londyn - Neuroblastoma Cancer - Stage 4‏
    This happy couple Shelby and Dara got married May 24, 2009. They were enjoying life and it was great. The following year they were so excited to find out they were having their first baby. The first time they heard their bundle of joy's heartbeat was on January 25, 2010. It was a strong heartbeat and she had a healthy pregnancy. Their baby girl Londyn Paige Weber was born on August 4, 2010. She was healthy and a happy baby. In April 2012 she was taken to the pediatrician’s office due to her having loss of appetite, very clingy, and not wanting to play. The pediatrician said that she was constipated and sent her home with instructions to help the situation. Things didn’t seem to get better yet seemed to be getting worse. So after taking her back to the pediatrician’s office it was then that Londyn was admitted to Phoenix Children’s Hospital. She had all of the necessary testing’s including a PET scan, x-rays and CT scan that the doctors believed that there was a blockage in her intestines. She had surgery and a biopsy performed. The results of all of her tests and after receiving the pathology report from the biopsy, this is when she was diagnosised with Neuroblastoma Cancer Stage 4. She has been receiving excellent care at Phoenix Children's Hospital. She has started having chemotherapy treatments and it still currently in the hospital. This precious, loving, vibrant, playful baby that used to be full of life now has to fight for her life. She is strong and she is a fighter. Please keep her and her family in your prayers. We believe that the power of prayer is amazing and can work miracles. So please take a moment to let Londyn's story be heard and check back for updates on her progress. God Bless all of them. So if you could send any donations please visit that page on the website for more information. Every little bit counts and adds up. Rick & I personally thank everyone of you for taking the time to read this and visit the website. You can use the contact page to leave a personal message. You can use the contact page to leave a personal message.
    Thank you and God Bless!
    Pilot Grove Savings Bank
    Attention - For The Benefit of Londyn Care of Shelby & Dara Weber
    521 North Main Street
    Donnellson, Iowa 52625
    Horton Family
    Care of Weber Family
    17437 West Calavar Road
    Surprise, Arizona 85388
    Neuroblastoma is one of the most aggressive forms of childhood cancer; after domestic accidents, cancer is the second most frequent cause of death in children.It is the single most common type of cancer in infants and the 3rd most common type of cancer in children. However, very few people have ever heard of it and most do not know the signs and symptoms.
    This means that although symptoms may have been present in the child for some time, in over 75% of children, the diagnosis is not made until the disease has metastasized and reached stage IV, the final stage. Prognosis for this group is very grim, offering a 30% chance of survival.
    In contrast, children diagnosed in the early stages have up to a 95% chance of survival.
    Treating a child who has stage IV neuroblastoma costs an average of $976,860 in the first year alone. 600-1000 kids a year are diagnosed with neuroblastoma in the US every year.